400 West Trailhead

Sugar Creek Watershed Project

The majority of donations (with the exception of administrative costs) go directly to trail purchase and construction of the Pennsy Trails.

In Spring of 2018 our group raised enough money and support for the county to purchase a new section between 400 West and 500 West. This property was made possible by Department of Natural Resources, The Town of Cumberland, Washington Village Apartments, the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation, and other proud donors. Your donation will help construct this newest segment, purchase new land, or fund trail amenities such as the Sugar Creek Watershed.

The Sugar Creek Watershed at 400 West Trail Head Project will provide funding for:

  • Pennsy Trail construction at 400 West Trailhead
  • Watershed education for adults, families, scouts, and students
  • Protection of wildlife in the watershed
  • A comfort station for trail users