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400 West Eagle Station

Sugar Creek Watershed

US Geological Survey

Nature Activities

Bald Eagle Resources

Wildlife Habitat Project at Eagle Station

Eagle Station, located at the 400West trailhead, is a focal point for Pennsy Trails and offers something for everyone.
An outdoor classroom was constructed by Ben Palmer for his Eagle Scout Project in 2021. The shelter was constructed by dedicated volunteers in 2023. Both support the Eagle Station as a place to stop and rest, and learn about habitats and habitat restoration. Visitors can enjoy the site’s natural habitat, restored with the help of many community volunteers.
This site is open to the public and may be reserved for students working on Life Sciences and scouts working on Environmental Sciences badges.
Five large educational signs offer activities to encourage outdoor learning geared towards primary, middle, and high school ages, as well as adults and families.

5 signs include:

  • American Bald Eagle
  • A full-size American Bald Eagle
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Sugar Creek Watershed
Located at 424 South 400 West Greenfield IN 46140.
Contact us at to reserve this site for your group, offered free on a first come basis. This site is ADA accessible, and has a port a pot and parking for a school bus.

Sugar Creek Watershed

Miles of wildlife habitat throughout Hancock County

Additional Resource Links:

United States Geological Survey

Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek, near New Palestine, Indiana. Sugar Creek is part of a long-term USGS stream monitoring project, and was one of 72 U.S. streams and rivers investigated for pesticide occurrence. On average, 26 pesticides were detected in samples collected from Sugar Creek during 2013–17; 16 of the 122 samples collected at this site had a Pesticide Toxicity Index score that predicted potential chronic toxicity to benthic invertebrates. Access the study here.

Additional Resource Links:

Nature Activities

Pollinators need you. You need pollinators. Find out more at

Indiana Clean Water — find out how you can make a difference!


Potter Wasp

Carpenter Ant

Bald Eagle Resources

Active EAGLE nest in 2024: Greenfield at New Rd & Hickory Blvd

Additional Resource Links:

National Wildlife Federation Bald Eagle Info

Indiana DNR Bald Eagle Resources

The Cornell Lab: Bald Eagle Life History

by Bob Burchfield
2014 = 1 eaglet (1 survived to fledge)
2015 = 3 eaglets (1 survived to fledge)
2016 = 3 eaglets (all 3 survived to fledge)
(The original male eagle died on June 14, 2016. The female found a new mate in time for the 2017 season.)
2017 = 3 eaglets (1 survived to fledge)
2018 = 2 eaglets (2 survived to fledge)
2019 = 3 eaglets (all 3 survived to fledge)
2020 = 3 eaglets (all 3 survived to fledge)
2021 = 0.
2022 = 2 chicks (0 survived).
2023 = 3 eaglets (all 3 survived to fledge)
TOTALS THRU 2023 = 23 hatched, 17 survived to fledge