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Volunteer With Us

We are looking for volunteers to help us with the following:

  • Board member position are open- meetings held quarterly
  • Administrative tasks, preparing mailing cards, email management
  • Attending meetings: county council, commissioners, trails groups
  • Help with video, marketing, editing, advertising
  • Contact, Coordinate, Manage our volunteers
  • Help write grants to support trail growth and maintenance
  • Social media support- Facebook. Instagram, Google
  • Write letters to local businesses and environmental organizations
  • Organize or assist us at a trail event or fundraising activity
  • Assist with trail surveys every other year.
  • Provide community service through service learning
  • Help with soil and water conservation using best practices
  • Control and manage wildlife, plants, trees
  • Consult with different environmental groups
  • Learn methods of environmental sustainability
  • Plant trees, shrubs, plants and wildflowers along the trail route
  • Clean up trash along the trail route
  • Check our events page for our events and workdays
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