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Thanks To Our Supporters

We are very thankful to our amazing supporters.
Private individuals – Groups – Corporate groups – Businesses
Be a donor. All amounts help us expand the trail to connect our communities.

Add your name to this list:

SPONSORS: $10,000+ Donation

PACESETTERS: $5,000+ Donation

TRAILBLAZERS: $1,000+ Donation

SUPPORTERS: $100+ Donation

Tim M.

Paul W.

Keith W.

Lewis W.

Lauren F.

David H.

Chris & Kelly Young

Christine Ingle

Stephen Burt

Louise Thompson, Realtor

Danny G

Carol J

Kittle Properties

Patty F.

Susan & Ken W.

Lee J.

Greenfield Signs Inc

Jason S.

Bob H.

John B.

Larry S.

Greg N.

Caesars Enterprise Services LLC

The Humana Foundation Inc.

Dave & Mary Ann Wietbrock

Peggy & Jeff Brewer

Nikki Wheeler CPA

Network for Good

Ross B.

Daniel B.

Rick A.

Cari N.

Brian H.

Shawn S.


Jon & Charlotte Slaughter

SUPPORTERS: $50+ Donation

Greg M.

Brittnee B.

Katy D.

Lori B.

Christy S.

Dave M.

Danny M.

Bradford & Mary Authur

Brian H.

Evan A.

Brad A.

Dave H.

Brad & Mary Arthur

Central Indiana Bicycle Association Dilly Dally Riders

Larry & Rebecca Studebaker

Jason & Rachel Strong