We are very thankful to the amazing corporations and businesses that have donated to help develop Pennsy Trail and help our communities grow. Without the support of these great businesses here in Indiana we would not be able to maintain and expand the trail so more Indiana families may enjoy it!

Sponsors - $10,000+ Donors

Pacesetters - $5,000+ Donors

Trailblazers - $2,500+ Donors

Friends - $500+ Donors

Supporters Up to $500

We know that corporations are not the only ones donating and that is why we also want to give a very special thank you to every individual that has donated to help the trail. Even small amounts help us expand and maintain the trail and show that you understand and care for the value and enjoyment that Pennsy Trail provides to all of its communities.

Friends - $50+ Donors

  • Greg M.
  • Brittnee B.
  • Katy D.
  • Lori B.
  • Christy S.
  • Dave M.
  • Danny M.
  • Evan A.
  • Brad A.
  • Dave H.

Trailblazers - $100+ Donors

  • Tim M.
  • Paul W.
  • Keith W.
  • Lewis W.
  • Mary Ann W.
  • Lauren F.
  • David H.

  • Barbara J.
  • Jason S.
  • Bob H.
  • John B.
  • Larry S.
  • Greg N.
  • Caesars Enterprise Services LLC