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Location is at 424 South 400 West Greenfield 46140
The property is owned by the Hancock County Commissioners for the purpose of constructing the Pennsy Trails between 400 West and 500 West in 2021.
The 400 West Pennsy Trail Head 
The multi-use Pennsy Trails will be constructed on the north side of this property and the Sugar Creek Water Shed Project will be constructed on the south side of this property.  The plan is to prepared a comfort station for trail users and wildlife habitat educational signs for adults, students, scouts, and families. Contact us for more info using the contact page on the web site.
Honey Suckle Removal
Over 175 volunteers over the past 2 years have helped to clear and burn honeysuckle. Trees to keep are marked at the base of each tree so volunteers without experience in identifying honeysuckle could work on their own time. Several work groups included scouting troops and corporate work days. Trash is still being removed. After the honeysuckle was cut, mulch was laid over the cleared areas after using a weed killer spray per the recommendations of the DNR.
Ready to Transplant Native Indiana Wildflowers
There is a 5000 square foot area that has been removed of honeysuckle and is now ready for Native Indiana Wildflowers.  The area is partly shaded and covered with mulch. This planting area is clearly marked with caution tape on the south side of this property, just west of the gravel parking area. Bring and plant your plants and enjoy this outdoor space. A great project for individuals at this time of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your help in restoring this for wildlife habitat.
What to plant
Using the INPAWS list at ,select plants from the Woods Edge, Perennials, Butterfly Food, and Shade ground cover lists. INPAWS list is compared below to and the DNR’s report for local wildflowers to plant this list to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, thrushes, cardinals, orioles, chickadees, wrens, sparrows, jays, and bumblebees.
Common Name                      Scientific Name         
Black Eyed Susan’s                      Rudbeckia hirta
Blood root                                      Sanguinaria canadensis
Purple Cone Flowers                   Echinacea pallida
Cardinal Flower                            Lobelia cardinalis
Wild Geraniums                           Geranium maculatum
Columbine                                     Aquilegia canadenis
New England Asters                    Symphyotrichum novaeangliae
Jack in the Pulpit                         Arisaema triphyllum
Blue Lobelia                                  Lobelia Siphilitic
Wild Blue Phlox                           Phlox divaricala
Sweet Joe Pyeweed                      Eupatorium purpureum
Blacksnake Root                           Sanicula odorata
Large Leaf Waterleaf                   Hydrophyllum macrophyllium
Common Hackberry                    Celtis occidentalis
Golden Ragwort                           Packera aurea
False Solomon’s Seal                   Maianthemum racemosum
White Snake Root                        Argeratina altissima
Wild Ginger                                   Asarum canadense
Mayflowers                                    Podophyllum
Trillium                                          Trillium
Cup plant                                        Silphium perforliatum
Boneset                                           Eupatorium perforliatum
Shining Aster                                 Aster firmus
Swamp Aster                                  Aster puniceus
False Aster                                      Boltonia latisquama
Calico Aster                                    Aster lateriflorus
Prairie Dock                                   Silphium terebinthinaceum
Swamp Milkweed                         Asclepias incarnata
Monkey Flower                             Mimulus ringens
Wild Senna                                    Cassia hebecarpa
Sneezeweed                                   Helianthus grosseserratus
Smooth ironweed                         Veronica fasciculata
Saw-tooth Sunflower                   Helianthus grosseserratus
Blue Vervain                                  Verbena hastata
Elderberry                                      Sambucus canadensis
Pennsy Trails of Hancock County Inc.
PO Box 214 New Palestine IN 46163


  • Ben Kompar says:

    The Pennsy trail is congested with trash and homeless camps. In some areas I saw as many as 30 shopping carts. This trail could be a beautiful place to run and bike but I don’t feel safe and I am disgusted by the level of trash strew throughout the woods on either side of the trail.

    • Pennsy Trails says:

      Hi Ben,
      This sounds like the Indy section of the Pennsy Trails.
      Please contact Indy parks at 1 317-327-7275

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